Peterborough Women’s Festival 2017 – Women and Education

Following the very successful event last year a programme of events is being put together for 2017.

This programme is very much together now.

Saturday 4 March – The main event will be at the Town Hall from 11am-3pm. This will feature speakers on this year’s theme of Education. There will be women’s campaign and interest group stall holders. And, there will be breakout/workshop rooms including a talk by Andrea Needham about her book The Hammer Blow. Peterborough Archive Service will also be holding an exhibition and talk. Also Art and Poetry workshops.

On the evening of Saturday 4 March there is a music event at The Ostrich Pub. Now entitled “Women Take Over The Ostrich Inn”. This runs from 7:30 til late. Performing on the night will be Beverley Kills, Baby Seals and The Stringlers.

On Sunday afternoon there will be a Women’s Spoken Word event at Stoneworks Bar in Church St (Cathedral Sq). This will feature a performance by Maria Fergusson called Fat Women Don’t Dance. Also performing will be Peterborough’s own Charley Genever. + open mic poetry session. This runs from 15:30-18:00ish.

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